Dial easily within Salesforce. Nothing else needed

InvisibleDialer is integrated into your Salesforce dialing engine which helps you to call your contacts and leads in a smart way, automating calls and allowing you to focus on the conversation!

You will love your InvisibleDialer

Just enable it and convert Salesforce into a fully functional dialing solution. You don’t need anything else - no extra hardware, no extra software, no extra service

Create predefined call lists using standard Salesforce reporting and assign it to yourself or colleagues

Dial through selected call lists automatically and focus on something else until you get a response. voice mails, no answer, etc. – all will be processed automatically

While on call, use pre-defined scripts and leave your minutes instantly

Once your call is done,ibleDialer will reflect everything in Salesforce and then move to next lead

Check statistics on each call list, each sales executive, the whole organization and see how efficiency increases and your leads become warmer!

InvisibleDialer works with any device, which has an internet browser, speakers and microphone! no additional hardware is needed.

The best way to dial from Salesforce. How it works?